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The Undressed Society Publishing House

The Undressed Society Publishing House is dedicated to bringing Canadian works to the world and international works to Canada.

We are the home of Poetry Undressed and Literature Undressed, an online magazine and print magazine dedicated to creating safe spaces for authors around the globe.


Poetry Undressed

Poetry Undressed is an online publishing company and podcast which focuses on showcasing new and up-and-coming poets; those who have struggled to have their voices heard in the elitist society that is that of poetry. Poetry Undressed aims to create an environment where poetry is accessible, enjoyable, and understandable for all.

Literature Undressed

This magazine was created in order to give up-and-coming creatives more of an opportunity to share their voice. To open doors for those who might otherwise find them closed, and to create a community of like-minded individuals in the hopes that something beautiful can be created when writers are given the chance to be fully embraced.

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